15 Best Apps For Pets

Best Apps For Pets

Whether you have a small furry gerbil, an independent but cuddly cat, a dog who wants all of your attention and kisses, a chatty parrot with a hundred and one stories to tell, a bunny which keeps eating all your carrots, a slow turtle with a fast grasp of things, or just a sweet little fish swimming around in your living room making you smile, we can all agree on one thing – pets are more than just friends, they’re part of the family.

Of course, they need taking care of, which means giving them food, attention, regular walks and exercise as well as everything else they need to be healthy and happy. Sometimes it’s straining to try to figure out how to take care of your pet- especially if you’re a first time owner. And that’s okay, all of us need to learn! In the list below you’ll find all of the latest and best apps for pets making yours and your pets lives easier.

15. Fido Pet Adoptions

This app is perfect for all those seeking a pet. It locates shelters in your area, finding you around 30000 pets to choose from! There is also a handy categorizing system – this essentially means that you can filter through different kinds of animals in order to find your perfect pet-match! Choose from cats, dogs, lizards, mice, birds, anything! This app even allows you to get pet information instead of just pictures. So once you’ve chosen your new buddy, don’t worry about how you’ll get them. Simply make a phone call through the same app and let the shelter know you’re interested! We are a firm believer in the saying “Adopt don’t shop” so this app is perfect!

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14. Pet Names

Pet Names App

So now that you’ve chosen your new playmate and best friend, it’s time to pick out a name! But how do you possibly choose? Well, since you’re not the only one with this problem, an app has been developed! You can browse through 3000 pet names and even filter them alphabetically, by type of pet you have, or by popularity. If you need a second opinion on a name, simply email your suggestion to a friend or family member. The app also offers the possibility of making a favorites list. It holds one special feature too – an animal soundboard, for more fun while you browse interesting and unique names.

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13. Pet Health Master

Pet Health Master

This is the ultimate pet app in keeping organised and up to date with vaccinations, vet visits and information about your pets. It’s basically a personal diary for your best friend. You store its personal information on it like the name, date of birth, breed, type, and microchip if they have one. We tend not to notice how our pets have grown since we spend a lot of time with them- with this app, you can track your pet’s growth and weight, never missing a beat. And isn’t it a hassle to always have to organize appointments at the vet or the groomers? Now you can write in all your pet’s important appointments and even set reminders for them.

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12. Pets Next Door

Pets next door app

Are your friends fed up with all the stories you keep telling about your pet? They’ve simply had enough of what your little baby was doing or eating or knocking over. Don’t be upset! That’s why this app was invented – so you can talk to other pet lovers and read their stories as well as share yours. If you’re bad at storytelling, you can always post a cute photo instead. This app makes our best apps for pets list as it is essentially a social media network for pet owners which we think is pretty cool! It’s great for everyday interactions with people of common interests and who knows; you might even make a few new friends for you and your pet!

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11. DogVacay

DogVacay Review

We all know having pets can limit your holiday choices and how often you go away. Finding a trusted pet sitter is always difficult as we want the very best for our pets. If this sounds familiar then DogVacay is the perfect app for you. It shows you a list of people who care for animals in your area and lets you hire them while you’re away. You don’t need to worry or fret any longer as you can read reviews of potential pet sitters, stay in touch via the app the whole time and there is even an option to meet them before hand so you can ensure you are comfortable with them and use that time to introduce your pets to them so your pets are also comfortable.

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10. BringFido

BringFido App Review

So we talked about being away from your pet while you’re on vacation or a business trip. But what about those scenarios where you can actually bring them along with you? Or what if you just want to take them out for a stroll and decide to grab a bite or a cup of coffee? No, not all places are pet-friendly. What are you going to do about it? Download this amazing app! All you have to do is type in an area and it automatically tells you which places like restaurants, cafes, and hotels are pet-friendly! Never spend time apart again with the help of this app!

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9. Pet Coach

Pet Coach App

Developed primarily for dogs, the app lets you consult any professional about anything bothering you about your pet. Are they getting fat? Send a picture to a nutritionist and they’ll recommend a diet. Think your pet needs more exercise, or you want to teach it more tricks? Consult a trainer. Whatever the problem might be, professionals are there to help you solve it. It’s useful for first-time pet owners to have this app in order to get the hang of taking care of an animal. Why not take advantage of great help and advice when it’s free?

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Have you ever wondered what to do to make your pet feel secure in the face of upcoming storms? What about hurricanes? Or what about the holiday season, when all you can hear is the thunder of firecrackers and fireworks? To restore calmness or to know how to deal with certain emergencies, just download this app and follow its simple instructions on how to prepare the environment for your pet or deal with the current emergency. It also plans for unaccounted emergencies and situations no owner would like to go through like losing your pet; it does this by enabling you to create a digital poster to help find your beloved pet.

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7. ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center

ASPCA’s has developed yet another app to help you with keeping your pet safe. This one is a guide that holds information on all common and dangerous household items. If you have a dog, cat, horse, or bird, this is your app. And it doesn’t stop at poisonous things around the house; it also has a list of toxic plants in it, and you can search for a particular substance you think your pet has ingested. If you’re not sure they’ve eaten something they weren’t supposed to, you can always check the symptoms and read through the suggested actions in order to provide help. It also features poison calculators and a color-coded assessment chart.

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6. Aquarimate

Aquarimate App

Aquariums can be hassle to take care of, that’s why this is one of the best apps for pets and specifically fish owners. It can help with caring for both fresh and saltwater tanks. It keeps track of tank parameters and changes in growth, health, diseases as well as color changes. It’s there to make sure your fish and aquarium stay healthy since we tend to forget to change and clean them due to our busy lifestyle – That’s why it’s also handy with building a routine. It holds a number of features all designed to maintain your tank and to assure you’re doing a good job. Keep fish pristine and happy!

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5. Exotic Pet Vet

Exotic Pet Vet App

Let’s not forget all those little furry cuties. Rabbits, chinchillas, ferrets, and degus. They need love and attention too! But the problem is that almost all apps are focused mainly on cats and dogs. Well, worry no more because this app was made for the needs of little pets. You won’t have to spend hours on google just to find a certain bit of information or have to drive to the vet’s office for every little bump since this app holds all you need to know about health and habits of furries. Meaning it contains common conditions and symptoms your buddy might be experiencing, as well as basic information and answers to frequently asked questions.

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4. Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder

Feed and Go Smart Pet FeederThe Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder is more than just an app. The app is a hub in what is essentially a smart home for pets. It’s a really smart piece of kit and allows you to feed your pets whilst you are away as well as check up on them via wifi cam. This automatic food dispenser really excels in its ability to dispense food, treats or medication. It has 6 easy to clean trays (dishwasher proof) that can dispense both wet and dry food either via the app or via programming. It is designed to avoid being knocked over thanks to its low profile design which also makes it look very cool! The trays are air tight ensuring the food remains fresh. The camera can be accessed via the app making it what one of the smartest apps on our list.

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3. Petcube Pet Camera

Petcube Pet Camera

The truly innovative Petcube pet camera will really impress with both its looks and performance. It won’t take up much space on the shelf due to its ultra-cool small box design. Although it does not dispense treats like some of the other pet cameras, it does boast impressive camera and microphone quality, 2 way audio plus an interactive laser point game that can be controlled from the app. Installing and setting up the Petcube was a breeze; Simply plug in the camera and download the app and follow the on screen instruction and voila you are good to go.

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2. Tagg

Tagg App Review

All dog owners have a fear pf losing our dog whilst out walking or some how they escape from the back yard. Never fear, one of the best apps for pets is here! Tagg works like a GPS tracker on your pet’s collar. So now you can rest at ease on the couch while your little one explores around and about. You can also set boundaries so the app alerts you whenever your pet crosses them. The best part is that it tracks how much exercise the animal is getting, so you always know when to put it to bed.

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1. Pet First Aid – Red Cross

Pet First Aid Red Cross

Accidents are bound to happen and sometimes you can’t get to the vet right away. And other times, you just don’t need a vet since your pet has only a minor scratch or tummy ache. Let’s not forget those heart-wrenching emergencies where every second counts and help is just too far away. That’s why an app like this was developed. It stores information on all common injuries or discomforts your pet might be experiencing, and it lets you solve them with detailed step by step explanations and videos. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about being connected; everything is right in the heart of the app!

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Hopefully, now you’re more confident about owning and taking care of a pet. This list is a bundle of all the most important tidbits on looking after animals and making sure they’re well fed, healthy and that they received the required amount of exercise.

Don’t worry if you don’t get the hang of it at first because practice makes perfect and now you’ve got all these apps to help you be the best pet-parent you can.  Your critters are guaranteed to be happy if you’ve fulfilled all their needs correctly, but don’t forget the most important thing you can give them- love and affection!