About us

We absoluterly love pets (especially dogs) and we also equally love technology and so we decided to put our two passions together and created BestPetTech.com

Our love for dogs became aparant to me when as soon as I rescued my fist dog Maggie. She is a Jack Russell and Staffy mix and is the joy of my life. She is bursting ful of energy, super smart and opened my eyes to dog behaviour and their needs. We spoilt her (a lot) and so quickly became very accustomed to pet products and generally what is available to pet owners. I wasnt impressed with the run of the mill stuff that most of us was buying and so i started on a  little obsession of becoming a master on technology and gadgets for dogs and pets in general.

I have also spent a year in Thailand doing dog rescue work and so fully understand the needs for dogs form the other extreme. All of this knowledge and experience I happily and over to you.