How Do Wireless Dog Fences Work?


A wireless dog fence sounds almost futuristic and unbelievable, doesn’t it? For many of our readers it did and we often receive many questions about wireless dog fences. How they work? Do they work? Does the shock hurt too much? After receiving many questions about these types of dog fences we decided it was time to answer all these questions in article which we hope will explain all.

Why A Wireless Dog Fence?

Good question! So why would you even consider getting one in the first place heh? There are many reasons why people go for a wireless dog fence. Some of the popular reasons include:

  • It may not be possible to have a traditional fence in the new home and so a wireless dog fence does the job of containing your dogs without actually having a fence.
  • It may be possible to erect a fence in your garden however a wireless dog fence works out to be more cost effective than building a traditional fence.
  • Wireless dog fences are a breeze to setup. You could potentially have one setup in an hour.
  • Used as a training tool to teach your dogs to stay close to your home without wandering away or causing mischief with your neighbours.
  • Wireless dog fences are designed to be portable meaning you can take them anywhere you want and as they are really easy to setup you can setup a containment area anywhere you want quickly and easily.
  • You are going on a camping trip for a week and want to bring your family dog with you but worried that they will wander off and get lost and be in danger of local wildlife.

These are just some examples of why a wireless dog fence could be a good option for you and your dog.

The Collar And Shock

A wireless dog fence system can be easily explained by looking at it as two parts; the transmitter and the receiver. The transmitter uses radio frequencies to set an adjustable border setting a boundary. Now if the receiver which is contained into the collar goes beyond that boundary then the collar gives the dog an electric shock. Don’t worry though the electric shock is not painful or traumatic.

The transmitter part of the wireless dog fence uses radio signals to set a circular boundary setting the containment area. The size of this containment area or safe zone will depend on which wireless dog fence you purchase as they differ in range but you can expect roughly between a minimum of around 10 ft up to a maximum of about 3 acres.

The receiver part to the wireless dog fence system is stored in a special dog collar that the dogs must wear for the system to work. The dog wearing the collar can freely run around the set safe zone however if they venture close to the correction zone the collar beeps to warn the dog.

Does The Shock Hurt The Dog?

The static shock acts as a deterrent and is not meant to be painful or traumatic. It is more like a splash of cold water in the face. Most systems will start by giving beeps or vibrations to begin with when the dog starts to move closer to the border and then finally the shock once the dog continues. Also please remember that the idea behind this is that the dog will eventually learn not go too close the  edge and acts as training tool so you should get to the point where no shock is administered at all as they learn.

Best Wireless Dog Fences

If you have decided that a wireless dog fence is the best solution for you in containing your dogs then have a look at our article on the best wireless dog fences to help you choose the best for you and and your dog.