Tabcat Review – Cat Tracker


tabcat review

The Tabcat cat tracker could be the very answer you are looking for when it comes to keeping track of your cat. In this Tabcat review we are going to take a good look at the Tabcat, what it’s features are, how the Tabcat works, how to setup the Tabcat.

Cats are one of the most loved household pets. Due to their independent nature, they are also very easy to keep. Their cute and cuddly nature just melts the hearts of people. It is also scientifically proven that they help reduce anxiety and stress. They are also easy to train and keep themselves clean most of the time. However, their independent nature and love for hunting is also an issue, as they tend to roam around quite often and prefer freedom. The things that worry a cat owner most are a lost or stolen cat. Due to their small size and good reflexes, they can easily escape the house if left unattended. On one hand, owners want to keep the cats indoors to stay away from this issue, but on the other hand, they feel bad about their decision as they are essentially taking away the freedom of their cats.

This issue can be solved by using a cat-tracking device like the Tabcat tracker.


What is Tabcat?

Tabcat is a cat-tracking device that keeps a track of the location of your pet. The box comes with a handheld control device and some tags that can be attached to the collar of your cat. The system is controlled by making use of the included handheld controller. Instead of using the regular GPS system for tracking, this device makes use of RF based technology that provides a much more accurate tracking.

Why use Tabcat?

Due to their small size, cats get lost quite often and are quite difficult to track even if they are trapped somewhere in the house. Cats like freedom and love to roam around in their own territory. However, in most cases they do not cover a large geographical area. Cats mostly roam in or around their own territory. This is where a device like Tabcat comes into use, the system makes use of a Radio frequency based technology that offers much more accurate tracking than the normal Bluetooth or GPS based trackers.

For tracking cats, pinpoint accuracy is required because due to their small size, they can be stuck in things like boxes and trashcans. Unlike many other trackers, the system is also easy to use thanks to the handheld controller that comes packed with the device. In such situations, Bluetooth trackers are not feasible due to their short range and GPS trackers cannot provide great accuracy in shorter ranges. Thus, a device like the Tabcat is the best way to go.

Main Features:

The Tabcat tracker comes packed with features never before seen in similarly priced cat trackers.

  • The device has an excellent battery that lasts up to 1 year.
  • Unlike other trackers, it does not require any monthly subscription fees, you just purchase the device and that is it.
  • It provides pinpoint accuracy of up to 1 inch thanks to the use of Radio Frequency technology in the product.
  • The system covers a range of about 400ft.
  • The product offers rugged build quality and weighs in at just 6 grams.
  • The lightweight and small in size build ensure that it will be a comfortable fit for your cat’s collar.
  • It also comes with many other features such as the locate button on the handheld that activates a small beep sound on the cat’s collar. This nifty feature can be used for your cat’s training.

How does it work?

The working of the system is very simple and straightforward. The tracking tags are first of all set up with the buttons of the handheld controller. The controller is afterwards used to track your cat and perform some other features. The tracking mechanism works by making use of a modern Radio Frequency Technology. The Radio Frequency based technology provides pinpoint accuracy of up to 1 inch.

Tabcat Tracker

How to setup Tabcat?

Firstly, it is highly suggested that you give the instruction manual a read. It will provide you some well-needed information about the different aspects of the device. On the left hand side of the device, you can find the volume button that offers three levels of sound including low, medium and high. On the right hand side, you can find the ON/OFF switch. The four face buttons on the controller device are the buttons that will be registered with the tags for location tracking purpose.

Given below are the main steps involved in setting up Tabcat:

  1. The first step involves turning over the handset and removing the white plastic strip poking out of the battery cover. Removing it activates the battery of the controller and a beep will be heard on successful activation of the battery.
  2. After the battery activation, take out the tag from the box and place it within 20cm of the controller device.
  3. In order to register the first tag to the button one, hold down the button one for three seconds and then you will hear a high-pitched beep. After hearing the beep, release the button but keep the tag and controller close to each other until you hear a long, high-pitched beep. This beep indicates that your connection was successful.
  4. You can follow the same steps to register different tags to different buttons of the control device.



In a world of regular GPS/Cellular and Bluetooth trackers, the R-F Technology based Tabcat tracker is a breath of fresh air. The product is easy to use and provides pinpoint accuracy that is very important especially in the case of cats, as due to their small size, they are hard to locate properly.

The compact and rugged build of the product is perfect for outdoors and the product provides good compatibility with regular collars thanks to its small size. Another big bonus of using this device is the fact that it does not require any monthly or yearly subscription unlike all other GPS based trackers available in the market. The product is highly suggested for all the cat lovers who want to keep a check on the exact location of their pet without breaking the bank.

A big thumbs up from us!