The Best Mini Aquariums – Nano Fish Tank Buyers Guide


The mini fish tank or also known as Nano Aquarium is a great option for those who are limited in space, don’t have the time or budget for a larger fish tank. Contrary to popular belief a nano fish tank is not always the best option for novices who are looking for the best fish tank for beginners. This is because there is less room for error and actually having a smaller amount of water is harder to maintain.

IF you are looking for a fish tank starter kit or an aquarium suitable for beginners then please check out our guide here: Best Fish Tank for Beginners

However the mini fish tank can be a great option for many. Keep on reading below to find out why!

Nano Fish Tank – Benefits

A nano aquarium has loads of benefits and can be the best option for many people or situations. Lets Take a look at some of the main benefits of having a small small fish tank.

1. Saving money – Probably one of the biggest benefits of going for a nano aquarium is the savings in cost. Not only are mini fish tanks cheaper in the initial purchase but you won’t have the extra materials to buy such as gravel, lights, rocks etc which you would need with larger fish tanks. The ongoing maintenance cost will also be a lot cheaper.

2. Save on space – Another major reason people opt to buy a nano fish tank is because of limited space. You won’t have to designate a large area for a small fish tank and you have a lot more options for where you can place the nano fish tank. They fit very nicely on a desk, on a shelf, in your office… Anywhere really.

3. Nano Fish tanks are lighter – Not an initial obvious concern but if you think about the kind of weight that larger fish tanks carry such as 100+ gallon fish tanks then you are talking serious weight there. This can limit where you place the fish tank. So a small fish tank means less weight and more options for where you can place it.

Best Nano Fish Tanks

So now that we have looked at the benefits of having a nano aquarium lets now take a look at which is the best small aquarium.

  • 2.65 Gallon aquarium
  • Built with custom LED lighting
  • Can be used as a cold or tropical environment
  • Gravel and décor sold separately
  • Measures 10-Inch x 10-Inch



  • Compact 2-1/2-gallon corner-style aquarium ideal for the home, dorm room, or office
  • Energy-efficient, 7-color LED lighting (amber, aqua, blue, green, purple, red, and white) illuminates the tank’s inhabitants
  • Superclean 10 internal power filter cleans and purifies tank (45 GPH flow rate); Bio-Chem Zorb 10 filter cartridge removes discolorations, odors, and more
  • Seamless acrylic construction offers a crystal clear view; resistant to impact and child-friendly
  • Everything you need for starting a freshwater aquarium; measures 9-2/5 x 11-2/5 x 8-1/3 inches (LxHxW)
  • Perfect Tank for Your Tropical Fish
  • Full Hood and API SUPERCLEAN Internal Filter 10


  • Great for any novice aquarist, this fun and functional aquarium features a unique bent glass and frameless design for the best viewing.
  • Aquarium kit includes everything you need. Glass tank, hang on water filter, thermometer, and fish net.
  • Safe to use with any small fish or shrimp. Easy to use plastic lid with hinges keeps fish safe and opens for feeding and cleaning.
  • This 2.7 gallon fish tank fits perfectly on any desk, dresser, or small space. Measures 10 inches high by 8 inches wide and 9 inches long. Glass is 1/8 inch thick.


4Marineland ML90609 Portrait Aquarium Kit

  • Advanced 3-stage hidden back panel filtration with adjustable flow filter pump.
  • The white LEDs create a shimmering light in the water.
  • The blue LEDs produce a relaxing moonlight glow.
  • Includes a hinged light and sliding glass canopy for easy access to tank.


  • Uniquely shaped aquarium
  • frameless top edge allows for unobstructed views
  • cartridge based filtration
  • Whisper filtration keeps water crystal clear
  • Includes a 50-watt heater and clear lid


6Marina LED Aquarium Kit

  • 10 U.S. gallon glass aquarium
  • Includes a Marina Slim S15 clip-on filter with quick-change filter cartridges
  • Includes everything you need to get your aquatic home started
  • Measures: 20″ L x 10″ W x 12.5″ H


  • Sleek modern hood with vibrant LED lighting
  • Integrated 24-hour timer with three independent channels: bright white, sparkling blue and color enhancing LEDs
  • Automatic 30 minute sunrise/sunset and 60 minute moonrise/moonset functions to replicate natural day cycle
  • Compact and customizable built-in filtration – easy to setup and maintain
  • Quiet submersible pump, dual intakes and adjustable return nozzle