Best Automatic Ball Launcher For Dogs Review – 2019 Buying Guide

Best Automatic Ball Launcher For Dogs

What an amazing time to live in where everything has been made easier than ever before. Especially for all dog lovers, welcome to the magnificent world of Automatic Ball Throwers for your pet dogs. Buying these machines will not only make your life simpler but will also keep your pet busy at times when you need them to be the most. it also makes them really tired which ll dog owners, i’m sure, will appreciate!

We know how it feels when you don’t have enough time to play with your pet and the look your four-legged loved buddy gives you makes us most guilty. So why not gift them a toy which accompanies them when you cannot. The ball launcher for dogs is included in our cool dog products guide, check it out to find more great gadgets for your dog.

What are automatic ball launchers for dogs?

In case you are a pet owner and are wondering what automatic ball launchers are, these are AC or battery-operated machines that can shoot the balls over your patio within a distance of 10-30 feet. Your dog can be trained to fetch and return the balls to the channel molded opening in the machine, and you can sit back to enjoy hours of fun while your dog gets the balls with no involvement from you at all.

Benefits of Automatic Ball Launcher?

Automatic Ball Throwers have various benefits for your pet as well as you, and it is one of the most interactive toys which will not only have an influence on your dog’s mind but also its health and fitness. The best part about the gadget is that it requires zero effort from your side because let’s be honest, our stamina runs out faster than our loved pet’s and they want us to play more with them. With the best automatic ball launchers you will be able to train your dog to play with the machine rather than you, and it will develop his or her mind more than you can imagine.

Dog’s health

An automatic ball thrower will keep your dog healthy as once he is trained to fetch the ball himself, running after it will keep him fit and help with he dog’s digestion. If you have a puppy, it is very important to keep him active with playing, and puppies have a lot of energy which needs to be taken out before they adapt a destructive attitude towards household fixtures and furniture.


Automatic ball launcher will keep your dog busy with it throughout the day and even at times when you are not available to play with them. Not every time is play time but this is very difficult for cute little puppies to understand, so it is very important to gift them a toy which has a role as a play buddy for them at times when you don’t have time.

Effortless play

Imagine life without automatic ball launchers how would it be to pick up the ball and throw it for your dog again and again. It would drain you in five minutes, so how cool is it to train your dog to play with the machine, so the fetching game keeps on going for as long as your dog wants.

Mind simulation

Training your dog to operate a machine will not only be a proud moment for you as a master but will also imply a good impression on your friends and family. Playing such games will freshen up your dog’s mind and satisfy you from the inside seeing your dog all active and joyful.

How to use an automatic ball launcher?

It is extremely necessary for you to first understand how to operate an automatic ball launcher before teaching your dog to play with it. Although, there is a huge variety of automatic ball launchers available in the market which offer extreme user-friendliness and easiness to understand the operation. The video below will help you comprehend the usage of an automatic ball launcher and make life, even more, simpler for you.

Buyer’s guide: Stuff you need to know before buying the best automatic ball launcher

In any case, the place where we confront issues is the low-quality launchers available in the market but aren’t something you need to purchase. They can be very irritating because of their steady breaking and a variety of various issues.

Likewise, in case you’re not comfortable with fetching toys, you will presumably be overpowered with the sheer number of these items that are at present available – there are a handful and many diverse models which offer best quality and price to suit your budget and needs. However, there are a certain points that you need to consider before purchasing your automatic ball launcher.

Size of your dog – It is essential for you to understand the difference between toys made for large dogs and puppies because the balls made for large dogs will be too big for small puppies to handle. So always consider to buy an automatic ball thrower which is best suited for your dog’s age and size.

Available space – You need to consider the space available for you to play with your dog. As most of these ball throwers are not intended for indoor use because of the distance at which it throws the balls.

Cost – You need to be ascertain that your investment is safe and most affordable at the same time. We have reviewed several products that are best rated and are worth your money.

Best Automatic Ball Launcher

With our usual research and expertise, our team has reviewed the best automatic ball throwers available in today’s market. It is essential for you to understand the type of automatic dog ball launcher regarding your dog size. Thus, for your best convenience, our team has analyzed the best automatic ball launcher for dogs and has separately reviewed each best product in light of the size of the dog.

Best ball launchers For Large Dogs

Our mission is to make the decision of buying the best automatic ball launcher easier for you by presenting unbiased reviews. The following are the best dog launchers for large dogs.

iFetch Too Interactive Ball Launcher

Fetch Too Interactive Ball Launcher

iFetch interactive ball throwers have the highest quality and are widely praised by the user’s Owners of medium to huge dog breeds were very frustrated when the first iFetch turned out – because of small balls, they couldn’t train their large pets with it.

Luckily, the new iFetch Too Launcher is three times greater and utilizes big tennis balls, while the weight remains at 12 lbs. alongside the gadget itself; the box additionally contains three balls of standard size, an AC adapter, and the guideline booklet. It has a distance adjuster, the distance status lights, and a power button.

With regards to sheer execution, the iFetch gives steady tosses and works with no significant issues. It offers an extremely effective battery – once you charge it, you can draw near to 250 dispatches with the ball launcher.

It is a good option due to its amazing performance and exceptional battery life.


iDogmate Ball Launcher Automatic Rechargeable Ball Thrower

iDogmate Ball Launcher

The IDogmate Automatic ball Launcher is a new ball launcher in the market and is a standout amongst the most applauded models available. The biggest aspect concerning this item is its distance setting. It can dispatch the ball to 10, 20, 40, or 50 feet of distance, and there is additionally the “random” setting, which is awesome if you’d want your dog speculating.

Changing these lengths is unfathomably simple which is because of the included remote controller. The rechargeable Li-ion batteries permit outside utilize – with one charging; the iDogmate will have the capacity to toss the ball thousand times!

It is a good option to buy because idogmatic has maintained its newly developed reputation and offers a huge range of options for you to customize your play according to your dog. It has a  competitive price and is a good buy in today’s market.


PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher

PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher
The PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher went ahead the market in 2016 as a contrasting option to the iFetch Too. It utilizes tennis ball-sized balls and arrives in an appealing purple and dark shading plan. The huge preferred standpoint of the PetSafe is that it has nine distinctive distance settings and six various angle settings.

No other ball launcher can even approach that numerous choices. This enables you to utilize it for all intents and purposes anyplace whether you are playing with your loved buddy indoors or somewhere in a wide-open space outside, the PetSafe has got you fully covered.

It is a good option to buy because of the amount of control it offers to the users and its exemplary performance which has created a good name for the company.


Best Automatic Ball Launcher For Small Dogs

Have you got a little puppy as your best friend? We have shortlisted and reviewed the few best automatic dog ball throwers for small dogs that cater to the needs of your little friend.

iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher

iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher
The iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher is a tremendously famous auto ball launcher, dearest by the clients everywhere throughout the world and it was even included in the different syndicated programs about pets. It additionally won various honors.

The box includes the machine, AC adapter, and three mini balls. The iFetch ball launcher is amazing with its vibrant colors on the outer and smooth performance. The main reason to purchase this popular product is that it offers users to adjust the throwing power from 10, 20 and, 30 feet. This makes it perfect for both, larger and smaller dogs. Weighing only 2.5 lbs, the iFetch Too is easy to carry to parks with an option to use portable batteries.

It is a good option because of its functionality and purpose serving design. Most users appreciated the performance of this automatic thrower, and it is the first option that comes to mind when buying the best automatic ball launcher.


Playball Automatic Ball Launcher

Playball Automatic Ball Launcher
Being extremely affordable, The Playball Automatic Ball Launcher has a pet-friendly design with a ball loader on the top of its head which makes it very easy for the dogs to put the ball inside it once trained. Moreover, it offers three different distance setting making it enjoyable outdoors. One of the good features is that Playball offers a power cod as well as rechargeable batteries.

It is a good option for the intended buyers because of its economical price and features. It also offers three saliva resistant balls which prevent any blockage within the system.


Livebest Interactive Ball Launcher

Livebest Interactive Ball Launcher
The Livebest Interactive Ball Launcher is a mini ball thrower for your puppy which at its best performs using small balls which can easily fit into your little one’s mouth and enabling him or her to play with it all day around.

Livebest ball launcher has a mini body which is extremely portable and will fit into any place without any issue. This machine offers a three-stage distance control which perfectly adapts to different spaces. Now you can indulge into active play with your puppy to keep him fresh and healthy.

It is a good option for small dogs, and the portable size makes it very easy to carry anywhere around.


BallReady Interactive Ball Thrower and Food Dispenser

BallReady Interactive Ball Thrower
Designed with the most attractive and catchy colors the BallReady Interactive Ball Thrower and Food Dispenser has revolutionized the game of fetching with the concept of rewarding dogs with treats as they play and fetch. This is a perfect gadget for those people looking forward to training their little puppies because it encourages the trick and treats training method which has always proved to be useful.

BallReady will serve your puppy with a treat every time he retrieves the ball. The owner can also set out durations to serve the treat. It is lithium-ion battery operated, so that makes it portable as well.

It is a good choice for all the buyers because of the training it supports and makes the trick and treats method easier to follow.



Automatic Ball launchers have become increasingly popular nowadays, and it is a great interactive way to play with your dog as it encourages exercise and aims to keep your pet healthy. With numerous benefits and fun-time to play those who are looking forward to buying the best automatic ball launcher should make their decision according to their requirements and size of the dog.