Maxtronic Portable Wireless Dog Fence Review

Maxtronic Portable Wireless Dog Fence

Maxtronic Portable Wireless Dog Fence

If you are looking for a solution to containing your dog within a specific area then an electric dog fence may just be your answer. There are several different types of electric dog fences available such as in-ground dog fences, wireless dog fences and portable dog fences. They are all have their pros and cons and I advise you check out the articles linked above to see which is the best for you. In this review we are taking a close look at the Maxtronic Portable Wireless Dog Fence.

Maxtronic Portable Dog Fence can be a great deal if you need your dog to remain within a given space. Yes, you cannot stop a Dog from moving around, but you can contain it. If you cannot erect a permanent fence for your dog, then the portable wireless dog Fence can just be that solution you need. The Maxtronic Dog Fence is easy to set up and very flexible allowing you to set a parameter which makes it a useful tool for training your dog to stay within an area of your house.

Maxtronic dog fence

Who needs A Wireless Dog Containment System?

While the fencing system has come a long way, some limitations make them useful only on specific occasions. The wireless system can sometimes be interrupted thereby reducing the signal strength of the transmitter and your dog out of its containment system. The Maxtronic wireless dog fence system has a lot to offers when it comes to transmitting signals for the containment system. If you just moved into a new house, you do not need your pet littering the environment just yet; this is where the portable wireless containment system steps in to save the day.

Maxtronic Features/Benefits

If you are looking to get a simple and yet flexible wireless dog containment system, then you should turn to the Maxtronic dog fence system. The Maxtronic brand is one of the leading brands of the dog containment system.

A wireless containment system as said above is one of the best methods to keep your pet (dog) in-line and also keeping it safe thereby securing your yard. Install a containment system by setting up the transmitter to keep your dog safe. Most dogs learn to keep to their boundaries quickly but not the stubborn; it takes a while for them to adapt. If your dog gets close to the fence, it makes a beep sound twice before the static correction does its job. The Maxtronic Wireless Dog Fence System is compatible with any shape your house may come and safe to use.

Maxtronic Collar Receiver

It has a two-rechargeable collar receiver that is resistant to water and making it an easy use for outdoor adventure with your dog. In fact, the low battery indicator works well; you can stay prepared and take precautions before the transmitter turns off.

Maxtronic Speed Detection

The Maxtronic Portable Wireless Dog System comes with fantastic features one of which is the speed detection feature. When the dog moves towards the boundary with high speed, the level of intensity on the perimeter maximizes.

Maxtronic Transmitter

The Maxtronic Portable wireless Dog Fence comes with a built-in battery that can last up to 24hours. Having this dog containment system would be a great help to keep hard to train dogs in-line. The transmitter uses an ultra-modern radio tech to link the wireless collar. The dog fence system can be plugged into a 110v power outlet that comes out with beautiful finishing.

Trouble-free Setup

It is a wireless containment system and very painless to set it up with no additional electric wiring installation needed.

Boundary Area

The Maxtronic Portable Containment System creates an invisible, circular boundary to contain your dog within the area provided. The boundary can be increased or decreased between 3 ft to 800 ft in any direction.

  • An effective speed detection system for stubborn and hard to train dogs.
  • Allows you build a dog fencing system that adheres to your yard’s exact shape.
  • Wall mountable transmitter.
  • Easy installation.
  • Waterproof collar.
  • Adjustable corrections acre.
  • Charges within 2-3hours.
  • Five correction levels.
  • Training manual included.
  • Indicator for low battery.
  • Bulky Battery.
  • Not efficient in rocky terrain.
  • Properties slopes away from the transmitter.
  • Large obstacles in the signal field.
  • Irreplaceable battery.
  • Metal objects can set off correction mode.
  • It cannot work for higher pain tolerance.

    The Verdict

    So, there you have it! If you are looking for a portable wireless containment system for your dog, then the Maxtronic Portable Wireless Dog Fence comes with all the features that are pleasing to any dog owner. It supports multiple collars and comes with two rechargeable collars allowing your dog to play freely in your backyard. This containment system is excellent for both small and big dogs. There’s no doubt that you will enjoy the usage of this product.