Technology For Pets

Pod 2 GPS TrackerPet technology is a very hot topic at the moment and something that really excites us. Especially with the advances in consumer technology in recent years, there has been such great strides forward where the possibilities in technology for pets is truly mind blowing.
We have a real passion for pets, we love them! We also have always had a passion for technology, we are what you could say a bit geeky! Combining these two passions has lead us on a journey. A journey that delves head first into the amazing world of technology for pets and all the amazing gadgets that pet owners can buy to make their lives easier, more connected with their pets and untimely to make their pets happier, safer and healthier

In this article we are going to have a look at the latest high tech products and gadgets for pets already out there and also keep you up to date with the latest products about to come out.

New Pet Tech On Crowdfunding Sites

Crowdsourcing sites are an intriguing place to look when hunting for the latest pet products, full of the most mind blowing and fascinating products and gadgets that we are sure will get you very excited too.

Crowdfunding Pet Products

We are always combing through the top crowdsourcing platforms looking for the newest and trending pet products and technology that we think really have potential to be great products.

We are especially interested in:

  • Disruptive Pet technology
  • Pet products that connects us more with our pets
  • Pet products that make our pets healthier
  • Pet products that utilise the latest cutting edge technology

If these things get you excited like it does with us then stay tuned as we update you with the latest and trending pet products. In the mean time check out the latest articles in this area.

  • Disruptive Pet technology
  • Pet products that connects us more with our pets
  • Pet products that make our pets healthier
  • Pet products that utilise the latest cutting edge technology

Pet Products For The Home

Pet products for the home and the latest pet gadgets designed to use at home is another area that really gets us going! With the rise of wi fi, smart home technology and cheaper home camera products, there has been huge advances in the pet products aimed at the home.

Zmodo PivotThe pet gadget and pet tech products for the home is huge, exciting and new products are coming out all the time.

The main areas that you can really see advancements in are:

Pet Cameras

Pet cameras allow you to closely monitor your pets whilst you are away from the home. They also allow you to communicate with them as some come with two way communication technology. You can also interact with them via laser games that you control via an app on your smart phone. Need to feed your pet or simply want to give them a treat whilst your at work? No problem, now a days these super cool products often have all these features combined in one very smart high tech product.

Robot Vacuum Cleaners


Get ready to be amazed at how these amazing gadgets can improve your life at home. the robot vacuum cleaner an example of the very best and cutting edge in technology for pets

Automatic Pet Feeders

Automatic pet feeders are a great niche to talk about when analysing pet technology and gadgets. This is because of the extreme difference in the cheap low budget pet feeder compared to the dazzling high end pet feeder with all its bells and whistle.

The cheap automatic dog feeders do, well, just that… They dispense food. usually dry kibble which you can set via a simple programmable interface. The mid range automatic pet feeders start to get a bit more interesting! With these you can dispense wet food as well as dry via air tight compartments. However it gets really impressive with the higher end more expensive automatic pet feeders. Some of these are essentially smart hubs for your pets allowing you to do wonderful things such as dispense food or treats with a touch of button via an app on  your smart phone. Much like the pet cameras you can monitor, communicate and interact and much much more.

Wearable Pet Products

Pod 2 GPS Tracker

The wearable pet product sector is one that perhaps boasts the most cutting edge in pet technology. Wearable technology for humans is just getting going and utilises the latest technology to make us thinner, healthier and more connected. The same can be said for wearable products for pets.

Wearable pet products allow us to stay more connected with our beloved pets with such devices such as GPS trackers and activity monitors.

The Whistle 3

Take for example the Whistle 3 which is a product we have been following closely and is making headlines within the technology sector for its innovative, cutting edge product that REALLY does do a lot.

The whistle 3 is a all-in-one GPS location and activity tracker for dogs and cats.

Where you have other competitor products offering just one of the main  features such as GPS tracking or activity monitoring… The Whistle 3 actually does all these and does them very well.

Whistle 3

Whistle 3 Screenshots

It’s the kind of product that rolls out new updates and features so one to definitely watch and keep an eye on


Other Wearable Pet Products That Has Caught Our Eye

That is just a quick look at the one of our favourite wearable pet products at the moment. We also have various other articles about similar products here:


Apps For Pets

ASPCA Animal Poison Control CenterWhen it comes to the latest technology then for most the first thing that comes to mind are apps. We all use them and it seems kids use them a bit too much!

When it comes to apps for pets however there are exciting new apps being launched all the time.

You can stay more connected, keeping a closer eye on your pets ensuring their safety. You can track their activity levels to make sure they are having enough exercise. You can even join social networks for pet owners making new friends with like minded people.

Want to find a pet friendly holiday? Or perhaps find a pet sitter so you and your family can finally go on holiday whilst knowing your pets are safe at home.

Stay up to date with the latest pet health advice and be able to find the help you need in case of emergencies.

You can have look at the very best apps for pets and pet owners here:


Pet Training Products

Another important area for us is pet training technology. We all know how important training your pets are, especially with dogs. I am not just talking about teaching your dog how to sit or the basic commands, rather the more important training.


So in this section we are looking at technology for pets and pet gadgets that focus on the health of your pet. This could be things such as running with your pet, keeping them safe or keeping track of their health and well being with activity monitors. Have a look at the articles below all to do with the health of your pets.